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How to develop Osclass plugins – Part 2

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It’s been quite some time since we wrote and released to the world our tutorial on how to develop Osclass plugins. Here’s a follow up to keep up to date with latest Osclass improvements and best practices.

In this second part of the tutorial, we’ll update our Madhouse Helloworld plugin with more advanced features that will boost a nice and working plugin for Osclass into a pro-quality plugin, ready to hit the world.


Video: messaging system of the Osclass Market!

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It has been over a year now that our beloved Osclass Market is powering our humble Madhouse Messenger plugin as its messaging and support system. Take a sneak peak or demo of it in a short video about from the Osclass team itself.

How to create Osclass Plugins - Madhouse

How to create Osclass plugins – part 1

Osclass, Plugins, Tutorials

This tutorial lays the foundation gives step-by-step explanations on how to develop a good plugin for Osclass. This is no absolute specifications but guidelines to make better-organized and coherent plugins for Osclass.

The official documentation on How to create a plugin for Osclass might be a little too short and this tutorial will give you a quite advanced overview on the subject.