Madhouse User Attr.

Madhouse User Attributes is a custom attributes plugin for Osclass that extends users with additional fields such as firstname and lastname, birthdate, gender, etc.

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This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or later and Osclass 3.3 or later.

Are you running a dating website or a job website or any other social website where you want to build a strong community? This is the plugin you need to make your user profile as complete as possible.


  • Without coding a line, the plugin automatically adds custom attributes to the register page, user update profile page, search page and item page;
  • Search filters: Madhouse User Attributes enables users to filter items in search pages based on the owner informations;
  • Clever positioning system: settings will let you freely define which custom attributes to display, where and in what order;
  • Delay when users post an item: custom user attributes added by this plugin can be used in item post page and item edit page. This way, you can have a shorter register form and choose to ask users more informations when they add an item to your Osclass website;

Madhouse User Attributes - Automatically add fields to register and account page Madhouse User Attributes - Display user informations where you want with hooks Madhouse User Attributes - clever positioning settings for custom attributes

Choose which custom user attributes to include

Madhouse User Attributes brings 11 new user attributes for both regular users and companies.

  • firstname
  • lastname,
  • birthdate,
  • gender,
  • nationality,
  • job type,
  • job description,
  • relationship status,
  • smoker or not smoker,
  • has pets or not,
  • VAT number,

Those custom attributes will automatically show in user registration page, user profile page and item page. Configure categories with Madhouse User Attributes to enable those fields in search pages and item pages.

Note that you will have complete control over on whether to display each field and on the positionning of those custom fields on each page and in the plugin settings.

Get the complete list of available user custom attributes and their details on the documentation page.

Compatible with Madhouse Facebook

As usual, we keep on building a coherent plugins and themes ecosystem for Osclass.

When a user registers via Facebook — using the definitely awesome Madhouse Facebook plugin – available custom user attributes will automatically be filled using informations fetched from the Facebook profile of the user.

List of compatible themes

The plugin has been tested on Bender, still the default Osclass theme, and has also been integrated in our Mcfly theme.