Madhouse Toolbox

Madhouse Toolbox is a plugin providing developer tools to Osclass such as a PHP debugbar and a better – friendlier error page. The best classifieds CMS a.k.a. Osclass deserves the best tooling available.

We feel that provide better tooling to the Osclass community will make it grow bigger and bigger: more developers, more plugins and better plugins.

Download / Documentation

This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or later and Osclass 3.3 or later.

Debug Bar for Osclass

The debug bar is an integrated toolbar for Osclass themes and plugins development providing useful insights on every requests about memory consumption, page load timing, HTTP parameters and environment, exported variables to View, database SQL queries and plugins.

Following screenshot were taken with the Mcfly theme, the debug bar sits at the bottom of the screen.

Toolbox - Debug Bar for Osclass - 1

Better error handling

Toolbox also provide a comprehensive and interactive error handler.

Toolbox - Pretty error handling for Osclass - 1