Madhouse SEO

Madhouse SEO is a search engine optimization plugin for Osclass that brings colossal flexibility to set up your SEO settings.

  • All pages and all languages: customize titles, meta-titles and meta-descriptions for every pages and every languages;
  • Advanced search settings: define global SEO rules for your search pages or specific rules for your best-sellers categories and subcategories;
  • Static pages: define SEO settings for any static page to boost the additional contents of your website in search results;

Download (waiting approval on the Osclass Market) / Documentation

This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or later and Osclass 3.3 or later.

Madhouse SEO - SEO plugin for Osclass - 1

Madhouse SEO - SEO plugin for Osclass - 2

Theme compatibility

The plugin will be compatible with most of Osclass themes, as long as the theme follows Osclass guidelines on meta_title and meta_description.

Choosing a fully compatible theme – like Mcfly Theme – will also let you customize titles too (h1 tags) automatically.

Modern SEO for Osclass

Ranking well in search engines such as Google or Bing is the key to the success of any website, and this is particularly true for classifieds website.

This plugin offers to customize titles (eg. h1 tags), meta-titles and meta-descriptions on every page and in every languages; from the homepage, search pages, item post page, all the way to the login page.

Search pages are the most valuable page of your classifieds website that you want to rank well in Google or any other search engine. Using a clever keywords replacement system, Madhouse SEO enables you to define global rules for your search pages or more specific rules in a separate page.

Advanced SEO for Osclass search pages!

This advanced feature is extremely useful if you want all your categories to share the same settings but have one of them have different ones (like your best-sellers categories).

Madhouse SEO implements a separate search settings page where you can define different SEO settings for each given category and subcategory (with or without a location).