Madhouse Mailchimp

Madhouse Mailchimp is an integration plugin between Osclass and Mailchimp newsletter and email service. This plugin offers you to benefit from the awesomeness of Mailchimp to send newsletters to your Osclass users.

  • Opt-in subscription:  get users to subscribe with an opt-in checkbox instantly available on the registration form and update profile form of each user;
  • Stay up to date with Synchronization webhooks: if a user unsubscribes directly from Mailchimp, the changes will automatically be applied to your Osclass database;
  • Import: the plugin offers an import feature to subscribe all your users to Mailchimp at once to instantly get started with your existing users database.

Download / Documentation

This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or later and Osclass 3.3 or later.

Mailchimp integration for Osclass

The plugin will hook to the user registration page and user account page to add an opt-in checkbox to encourage you users to subscribe to your newsletters. You won’t have to do any modification to your theme as long as it follows Osclass guidelines on hooks.

Madhouse Mailchimp - automatic newsletter subscription using custom attributes

Setup your Mailchimp mailing lists

The plugin offers many settings to manage the mailing list to which your users will get subscribed on Mailchimp. Madhouse Mailchimp provides also an overview of your mailing list and some useful statisctics right in the administration panel.

Madhouse Mailchimp - settings and mailing list stats

To ensure that your Osclass database is always up-to-date, the plugin uses Mailchimp webhooks to synchronize your users.

Import users via Mailchimp Batch

The import feature will let you catch up with your existing database and subscribe your users to your newsletter when installing the plugin. It uses a smart import strategy to ensure that we can import all of your Osclass users, whatever the number.

Madhouse Mailchimp - Import Osclass users via batch feature