Madhouse Facebook

 Madhouse Facebook is a facebook login integration plugin for Osclass.

It offers an easy way to add a Facebook login to your website, allowing your users to register and login into you Osclass website with only one click using their Facebook account.

Download / Documentation

This plugin requires you to have PHP 5.4+ and Osclass 3.3+ (due to the underlying Facebook PHP SDK 4.0.*).


  • Support for Graph API 2.3+ : Facebook had major changes in its Graph API last year dropping support to Graph API 1.X. This plugin provides support to Osclass for the latest Graph API version.
  • Simple migration from Facebook Connect : if you were using the famous Facebook Connect, we’ve kept the same helpers name and this plugin will automatically import all your users data and settings. You can start where you’ve left off.
  • Smart user management : this plugin pulls user’s data from Facebook, merges accounts if there’s already a user with this email, synchronizes email address if the user has changed his primary email in Facebook, handles blocked user or banned IP address, etc.


Beyond simple Facebook login integration, Madhouse Facebook also provides useful extra Facebook features :

  • Login button and styling : we provide a default button using our helper that you can customize freely in your theme.
  • Publish items to Facebook : want your user to share their ads ? Madhouse Facebook is able to publish their item on their timeline / feed right after they post a new item on your website.
  • Madhouse Avatar integration : if you have Madhouse Avatar, this plugin is able to download the Facebook user’s profile picture into Osclass. You’ve got nothing to do, just ask.

Facebook - Login Plugin for Osclass - 1 Facebook - Login Plugin for Osclass - 2 Facebook - Login Plugin for Osclass - 3

Yet another Facebook plugin?

Facebook dropping support for Graph API 1.X and the pioneer Facebook Connect plugin not updated to Facebook Graph API 2.3+, we felt the need to release our Facebook plugin to Osclass users.