Madhouse Messenger – Documentation

This document should give you a headstart to install Madhouse Messenger, integrate with Bender and customize it.


If you purchase Messenger from the Osclass Market, you can skip this step. Otherwise, take a look at our blog post about how to install a plugin on Osclass.

1– Integrate Messenger with your theme

For now, if you go to your site, you shouldn’t see any difference. That’s because we will need to integrate Messenger with your theme (Bender for the sake of this example). This is a two helpers integration, so you should be fine even if you are not an expert NASA developer.

Make sure you have at least two registered users and one item from one of them.

1.1– Messenger widget

The widget is a little piece of code that sits in your main navigation that does two things :

  • a link to your inbox
  • the number of unread messages (using AJAX).

Open Bender header.php, find the if(osc_is_web_user_logged_in()), around line 41 and inside that if, add this :

    // Includes the widget html code.

It includes the default widget shipped with our plugin. Reload the page, you should have something like this :

Screenshot of the default Messenger widget in Bender theme

Click on the widget and it should get you on your inbox page :

Screenshot of the default inbox view in Bender theme when empty

You have access to your inbox. Sadly, it’s empty. Let’s correct that.

1.2– Item contact form

What you want to achieve is sending your first personal message. We are going to replace the default item contact form with the messenger one. Here again, one helper only.

In Bender theme, that form is on the item-sidebar.php file. Just replace the whole ‘else’ block (around line 57-124) with the call to :

    // Include the contact form html code.

This helper includes the messenger contact form that we need to send a message to the item owner. And you know what ? That’s it.

The default messenger contact form in Bender theme

You are good to go. That wasn’t that difficult, was it 🙂 ?

2– Administration & Settings

Head to the admin and look at your main menu, you should see a “M” (stands for Madhouse) and a Madhouse Messenger submenu under it.

Screenshot of Madhouse Messenger admin menu in Osclass

2.1– Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of what’s happening on your messenger : daily, weekly, monthly and global statistics. Pretty much self-explanatory :

Personal Messaging Plugin For Osclass - Messenger - 1

2.2– Manage messages

Pretty much the same as the manage listings shipped with Osclass, let’s you search and review the messages exchanged on your messenger.

It gives you many options :

  • all messages of a particular user
  • all messages of a particular item
  • all messages of a particular thread

It offers paginated view (25, 50, 100 messages per page) and allows you to block suspicious messages (one or a bunch of them using bulk actions) and search messages for a user (autocomplete) or an item id.

Personal Messaging Plugin For Osclass - Messenger - 5

2.3– Settings

There comes the real deal : many settings that you can adjust to modify the way messenger behaves or enable some new features.

Personal Messaging Plugin For Osclass - Messenger - 2

3– Customize

Messenger is designed to get customized without you to be digging/modifying in the plugin code.

99% of the time, you won’t have to modify Messenger files at all!

The great great great advantages of not modifying a plugin code are to produce cleaner code and not worry about updates.

3.1. Customizing theme.

Just follow our tutorial on how to customize our plugins properly.

Jump to the part 4. Helpers to get a list of available helpers to build your theme for Messenger.

3.2. Messenger Widget.

By default, you just get a link to your inbox and the count of unread messages for a user (retrieve using AJAX and dynamically with jQuery) but Messenger has more to offer. Want a kick-ass widget like Facebook with quick access to conversations ? That’s possible.

When making an AJAX call to the widget (see AJAX call in default widget using jquery) endpoint, you receive a JSON response which you can use with javascript to make what you want. Because an example is 1000x more useful than a long explication. Here’s an example.

What you can do: our widget (this theme is not provided!)

What you can do: our widget (this theme is not provided!)

This widget is produced using jQuery to make the AJAX call, Twitter Bootstrap (2.3.2) for its popover feature and some CSS to finish the thing. Everything you need is in the JSON response… Use it and design it the way you need.

4. Helpers

4.1. General helpers

mdh_messenger_ajax_url : Messenger base URL. Returns the base URL for frontend (web) calls.
mdh_messenger_inbox_url($page=null) : Messenger inbox URL. Returns the messenger inbox URL (opt. with the page number).
mdh_messenger_thread_url($threadId=null) : Messenger URL for a particular thread.
mdh_messenger_send_url : Messenger send URL. Returns the URL to call to send a message.
mdh_messenger_widget : Includes the messenger widget.
mdh_messenger_contact_form : Includes the messenger contact form.
mdh_messenger_is_contacted : Tells if the current user or item has already been contacted. Exports the thread if it exist
mdh_messenger_reminders_enabled : Are the reminders enabled ?
mdh_messenger_status_enabled : Are the status enabled ?
mdh_messenger_default_status : Returns the default status id.
mdh_messenger_status_for_owner : Is the status only editable for item owners ?
mdh_is_messenger : Returns true if the current page is a messenger page.
mdh_messenger_is_inbox : Returns true if the current page is a messenger page. (DEPRECATED)

4.2. Threads related helpers

mdh_has_threads : Iterates through threads and exports each one to View at each call.
mdh_count_threads : Returns the total number of threads a user has.
mdh_reset_threads : Resets the loop of threads and erase current variables in View.
mdh_threads : Returns all the exported threads.
mdh_thread : Returns the current thread.
mdh_thread_id : Returns the id of the current thread.
mdh_thread_has_item : Tells if the thread is linked to an item.
mdh_thread_had_item : Tells if the thread has been linked to an item but is not anymore.
mdh_thread_item_title : Returns the title (in the current locale) of the item linked to the current thread.
mdh_thread_item_price : Returns the (formatted) price of the item linked to the current thread.
mdh_thread_item_city : Returns the city of the item linked to the current thread.
mdh_thread_item_category_id : Returns the category id of the item linked to the current thread.
mdh_thread_item_has_thumbnail : Has the linked item (if any) at least one tumbnail to show ?
mdh_thread_item_thumbnail_url : Returns the URL of the thumbnail of the current thread.
mdh_thread_item_url : Returns the URL of the linked item (if any).
mdh_is_thread_item_owner : Tells if the viewer of the current thread is the owner of the linked item.
mdh_thread_has_status : Tells if the current thread has a status.
mdh_thread_status_id : Returns the id of the status of the current thread.
mdh_thread_status_name : Returns the name (slug) of the status of the current thread.
mdh_thread_status_text : Returns the text (localized) of the status of the current thread.
mdh_thread_title : Returns the title of the current thread.
mdh_thread_excerpt : Returns the excerpt of the last message of the current thread.
mdh_thread_count_messages : Returns the (total) number of messages in the current thread.
mdh_thread_has_more_messages : Has the current thread anymore messages ?
mdh_thread_count_unread : Returns the number of unread messages in the current thread.
mdh_thread_has_unread : Has the current thread any unread messages ?
mdh_thread_last_activity : Returns the date of last activity of the current thread.
mdh_thread_formatted_last_activity : Returns the formatted (like Facebook) date of last activity of the current thread.
mdh_is_thread_last_sender : Tells whether the viewer is the last contributor of the current thread.
mdh_thread_url : Returns the URL of the current thread.

New in Madhouse Messenger 1.40

mdh_thread_title_default : Return the thread title if it isn’t empty. If not return the name of the member of the conversation.
mdh_messenger_message_template : Return the last message sent to a user. Also replace the name in the message by the name of the current item owner. (Useful to fill the message field when a user want to contact an item)

4.3. Messages related helpers

mdh_has_messages : Iterates through messages and exports each one to View at each call.
mdh_messages : Returns the collection of the exported messages.
mdh_message : Returns the current message.
mdh_message_text : Returns the content of the current message.
mdh_message_sent_date : Returns the sent date (raw) of the current message.
mdh_message_formatted_sent_date : Returns the Facebook formatted sent date of the current message.
mdh_message_is_auto : Tells if the current message is an automatic message.
mdh_message_is_hidden : Tells if the current message has bee hidden (deleted).
mdh_message_is_blocked : Tells if the current message has been blocked by an admin.
mdh_message_delete_url : Returns the delete URL of the current message.
mdh_is_message_fake_sender : Is the sender of the current message a fake user ?
mdh_message_sender_id : Returns the id of the sender of the current message.
mdh_message_sender_name : Returns the name of the sender of the current message.
mdh_message_sender_url : Returns the URL of the public profile of the sender of the current message.

New in Messenger 1.40

mdh_message_is_from_viewer : return true if the message is from the viewer

4.4. Status related helpers

mdh_has_status : Iterate over (exported) status and exports each one to View if it exists.
mdh_status : Returns the current status in the status loop.
mdh_status_id : Returns the id of the current status.
mdh_status_name : Returns the name (slug) of the current status.
mdh_status_text : Returns the text (translated/localized) of the current status.

4.5. Status related helpers

New in Messenger 1.40

mdh_messenger_is_inbox_page : return true if it’s inbox page
mdh_messenger_is_archive_page : return true if it’s inbox page


mdh_has_thread_labels : use in loop for labels
mdh_thread_labels_count : number of labels
mdh_thread_label : the label
mdh_thread_label_id : the label id
mdh_thread_label_name : the label name (uniq)
mdh_thread_label_title : the label title in the current language
mdh_thread_label_is_system : true if it’s a system label (as inbox and archive)
mdh_thread_in_label : true if the current message is in the label

5. Hooks and filters

mdh_messenger_pre_send: before sending a message, takes the message that will be sent as argument.

mdh_messenger_post_send: after sending a message, takes the message sent as argument.

mdh_messenger_thread_created: when a thread is created. No arguments.

mdh_show_inbox: before showing the inbox page.

mdh_show_thread: before showing a conversation (thread) page.

mdh_messenger_pre_contact: before an item is contact

mdh_messenger_contacted_again: trigger when an item is contacted again

mdh_messenger_post_contact: after a message is sent

mdh_messenger_post_contact_first: after an item is contacted for the first time

mdh_messenger_post_reply: after a user replay

6. Emails

These are the email available :

  • email_mmessenger_contact_user
  • email_mmessenger_reply_user
  • email_alert_mmessenger_messages

These are the words you can use in Madhouse Messenger emails.

  • {SENDER_NAME} => Name of the message sender
  • {SENDER_URL} => Url of the message sender public profile
  • {MESSAGE_EXCERPT} => Message excerpt (settings available)
    • Excerpt length : length of the excerpt
    • Excerpt one line : return only the first line of the message
  • {MESSAGE_CONTENT} => Message content
  • {MESSAGE_DATE} => Message send date
  • {THREAD_URL} => Url to the thread
  • {ITEM_TITLE} => Title of the related item
  • {ITEM_URL} => Url of the related item


2.0.1	/ September 2016
		Small fixes for v2.0.0 update.

		[+] Add web.min.js and web.min.css (compiled/minified with Grunt).

		[+] Admin:

			- Add thread link (with secret and email) in message listing.
			- Add label for auto-message.

		[*] Update translations files.
		[*] Update wording for resources:

			- New keyword '{RESOURCES_TEXT}' in 'resource_only' event.
			- Display 'Attachments' instead of 'Resources' in thread.

		[!] Backward compatibility for old contact-form.php.
		[!] Fix Autolinker in messages when retrieved via AJAX.
		[!] Fix email for sender (name and url).
		[!] Fix typo for keepForm (yourMail -> yourEmail).
		[!] Fix autoloader warning (ambiguous class definition).


2.0.0	/ September 2016
		Contact non-registered users feature and attachments feature added.
		Heavy refactoring of code.

		[+] New 'contact non-registered users' feature:

			- Non-registered users can contact registered or non-registered users
			  through item contact or user contact.
			- A non-registered user will have access to the thread page through
			  a secret (new WebNonSecure.php controller).
			- Only registered users have access to other feature such as inbox,
			  labels or block users.
			- A registered user can block a non-registered user (email address).
			- New email: 'email_mmessenger_contact_sender' for sender to receive
			  the link to the thread (with secret).

		[+] New 'attachments' feature:

			- Users can attach files to their messages.
				- Files are located in `/oc-content/uploads/madhouse_messenger/`
			- New event 'resource_only' for messages only consisting in resources
			  no text at all.
			- New settings for attachments:
				- 'resources_secure_url'
				- 'resources_extensions_whitelist'
				- 'resources_thumbnail_size'
				- 'resources_max_per_message'
			- Use settings from Osclass to allow attachments in messages.

		[+] New 'trash' system label to enable users to delete a thread.
			No email will be sent for those thread, even if new message are sent
			but they can be restored to the inbox.

		[+] New 'subject' feature.

			- Users can set a subject to their thread on contact.
			- Users can edit the thread title (subject) afterwards.
			- New settings for subjects:
				- 'subject_enabled'
				- 'subject_edit_enabled'

		[+] Add new delete mode to delete a message for the sender and all the
			recipients instead of only for the one user that deletes it.

		[+] New 'Mark all as read' feature in inbox.

			- Users can mark all their messages as read.
			- New settings 'enable_mark_all_as_read' to enable/disable this.

		[*] Messenger is compatible with default Osclass contact form:

			- Messenger uses hook `pre_item_contact_post` to intercept the default
			  action and redirect to its own `madhouse_messenger_send` route.
			- Messenger users hook `hook_email_contact_user` to intercept the
			  default page=user&action=contact_post action and redirect to its own
			   `madhouse_messenger_send` route.
			- Becomes deprecated:
				- Helper `mdh_messenger_contact_form()`
				- View file `/views/web/contact-form.php`

		[*] Improved administration dashboard:

			- Admin can display stats for a given period (days,weeks,months).
			- Top 10 items contacted in the given period.
			- Top 10 users contacted in the given period.

		[*] Events can be system or not system.

		[*] Keep message content when a user try to respond and isn't connected or if the message fail to be sent.

		[*] Emails are sent on different hooks:

			- Contact email are sent on:
				- 'mdh_messenger_post_contact_first'
			- Reply email are sent on:
				- 'mdh_messenger_post_reply'
				- 'mdh_messenger_post_contacted_again'

		[*] Default theme enhancement:

			- New flat design.
			- Support/Integration for Madhouse Avatar.
			- Messages are loaded on scroll.
			- Support for non-registered users.
			- Add fancybox to display images.

		[!] Fixes in model layer for selected fields.

		[!] Fix for bulk actions to block messages (admin).

		[!] Security fix in textarea.


1.50.2	/ June 2016
		Excerpt / words management update & fixes for cron (reportDaily).

		[*] Update getters in Message.php / Thread.php
			- Run filters (event excerpt) for madhouse_booking;
			- HTML encoding is fixed;
			- Events can have excerpt;
			- Words are replaced in excerpt too;
		[*] Ajax 'more' updated to be more secure.

		[!] Fix for 'oc_' in reportDaily cron.
		[!] Widget fix to allow two widgets on the same page and not stepping on
			each other toes (was 'Messages (0) (0)' instead of updating '(0)').
		[!] Inbox has better responsive mode for item prices.


1.50.1	/ Mars. 2016
		Minor version upgrade to reduce conflicts & fix some issues

		[+] Russian (ru_RU) support
		[+] Add helper isAlone to test if a user is alone in a thread
		[+] Add Grunt to compile JS & CSS
		[*] Update default theme:
			- Cleaner code and less chance of class name conflicts
			- Better compatibility with other themes than Bender
			- Better support for responsive (mobile)
		[*] Performance greatly improved
		[*] Move permalink settings to Settings / General
		[*] Add word breaking to messages
		[!] Fix, do not allow users to send message to themself
		[!] Fix conflicts about contact form name="" attribute


1.50.0	/ Mars. 2016
		Add administration pages for events, labels and status

		[+] Admin can update events
		[+] Admin can add, update and remove status
		[+] Admin can add, update and remove labels
		[+] Users can mark a conversation as unread
			- Admin can enable or disable this functionnaity
		[+] Users can block other users
			- Admin can enable or disable this functionnaity
			- Admin can be notified when a user block somebody
			- Admin can see all blocked users in the admin
			- Admin can unblock somebody for a user
		[*] Update inbox and thread template
			- Unread threads are now nicer
			- Add actions to block and unblock users
			- Add action to mark as unread a thread
			- Update message template in thread view
			- Add an alert when a user has blocked his interlocutor
		[*] Organize setttings page
		[!] Fix when sending auto-message on mark as spam or deleting an item
		[!] Fix on Status::insertDescription()
		[!] Fix messages that overflowing when too long
		[+] Add clickable links
			- Enable or disable clickable links in admin
			- Add settings for clickable links
		[+] Add some helpers to threads
			- isGroup
			- getOther
			- getBlockedUsers


1.40.3	/ Mars. 2016
		Add setting to activate / deactivate message template

		[+] Add setting enable_message_template
		[!] Fix critical bug when sending message
		[!] Add tutorial to contact-form.php


1.40.2	/ Mars. 2016
		Small fixes when a user respond to a thread

		[+] Add help link to plugin list
		[!] Using undefined function changeLabel when sending a message


1.40.1	/ Feb. 2016
		AJAX updater added for labels (1.40.0).

		[+] New AJAX updater & update process:
			- When updating, versions declare themselves as needing AJAX update
			- AJAX updater process those versions and make the actions (through
			  the AdminAjax controller).
		[*] addLabel / removeLabel returns the thread (updated).
		[!] Fix for labels in threads (mainly for strict mode).
		[!] Admin: small fix when item does not exist anymore.
		[!] Disable cache on labels after insert/update.


1.40.0	/ Dec. 2015
		Third public release. Gmail-like labels system & much much more.

		[+] Gmail labels system
			- Threads can be sorted with different labels (similar to folders),
			  there's two labels: inbox and archive.
			- 'archive' can then be used as a 'delete thread' feature.
		[+] 'Template' feature.
			- Lets you prefill the item contact form for user with his last
			  message (that started a thread), avoiding copy-and-paste when
			  contacting a bunch of items.
			- It replaces the name by the name of the current item owner.
			- Use mdh_messenger_message_template() to display it.
		[+] Events have now an excerpt as well.
			- Lets you have HTML in the event s_text and display a text summary
			  in the inbox.
			- To enable this, fill s_excerpt field in table
			  oc_t_mmessenger_events_description. If empty, displays s_text like
		[+] New email:
			- 'email_mmessenger_reply_user' sent for each reply in a thread.
			- 'email_mmessenger_contact_user' is now sent only on thread creation.
		[+] New helpers:
			- mdh_messenger_is_inbox_page()
			- mdh_messenger_is_archive_page()
			- mdh_message_is_from_viewer()
			- mdh_messenger_thread_label_add_url()
			- mdh_messenger_thread_label_remove_url()
			- mdh_messenger_thread_archive_url()
			- mdh_messenger_thread_unarchive_url()
			- mdh_messenger_current_inbox_url()
			- mdh_messenger_message_template()
			- mdh_thread_title_default()
			- mdh_has_thread_labels()
			- mdh_thread_labels_count()
			- mdh_thread_label()
			- mdh_thread_label_id()
			- mdh_thread_label_name()
			- mdh_thread_label_title()
			- mdh_thread_label_is_system()
			- mdh_thread_in_label()
		[+] New hooks:
			- mdh_messenger_pre_contact
			- mdh_messenger_contacted_again
			- mdh_messenger_post_contact
			- mdh_messenger_post_contact_first
			- mdh_messenger_post_reply
		[*] Flash message added on reply, to notify that message has been sent.
		[*] Refactoring for DAO, simplifying queries on database and increasing
			performance a bit.
		[*] Two hooks receives the thread as parameters now:
			- mdh_messenger_post_send
			- mdh_messenger_thread_created
		[*] Better escaping in messages:
			- Correct characters escaping dealing with code, mainly for snippets
			  in Osclass markets :)
			- More logical / simple escaping between getText() and computeText()
		[*] Refactoring and comments for controllers and helpers.
		[!] Fix: correct redirection on reply.
		[!] Fix: messages disappearing when status were deleted.
		[!] Fix: Messages were sent to disabled users in a very very specific case.
		[!] Fix: When retrieving messages, was making one extra request for each


1.33	/ Jun. 2015
		Minor improvements

		[+] CZ translation.


1.32	/ Mar. 2015
		Fix. for custom 'DB_TABLE_PREFIX'.

1.31	/ Feb. 2015
		Minor, bug fixes. Making it work better with other plugins by Madhouse.

		[+] New direct link to Madhouse market profile in nav.
		[*] Affix on sidenav in settings page.
		[*] Composer updated for using:
			- madhouse/utils-1.20
			- madhouse/autoloader-1.00
		[!] Fix for settings page (strict).
			Checkboxes were triggering strict warnings.
		[!] Support for Windows paths.


1.30	/ Sept. 2014
		Second public release. Big changes.

		[+] Contact from a user profile is now possible.
			The contact form handles both case (no item will be linked).
		[+] New action 'broadcast' to send a message in all threads belonging to
			a user or an item.
			On item_delete_after, sends an auto-message to notify users that
			contacted this item (if wanted @see preferences).
		[+] New daily cron for sending reminders to users that have unread messages
			every X days for Y days.
		[+] Referer is set to redirect to messenger after login when trying to
			access messenger without being logged in.
		[+] Permalinks settings :
			- Change the URL prefix to customize messenger URLs.
			  ie. /messenger/inbox can become /messages/inbox or /m/inbox.
			  That's up to you (base_url settings)
		[+] When administrator flags a user as 'blocked', messenger blocks his
			messages as well. Does the same when unblock.
		[+] New helpers :
			- mdh_thread_users()
			- mdh_thread_user()
			- mdh_thread_has_users()
			- mdh_thread_user_id()
			- mdh_thread_user_name()
			- mdh_thread_user_url()
			- mdh_thread_users_count()
			- mdh_thread_item_category_id()
			- mdh_message_id()
			- mdh_status_url()
			- mdh_status_text() becomes mdh_status_title()
			- mdh_thread_status_text()
		[+] Bulk actions on administration page to block/unblock selected messages.
		[*] New design for administration pages using Twitter Bootstrap 3.
		[*] Item is exported when a thread is exported so you can use item helpers.
		[*] User (current logged in) is exported on inbox so you can use user helpers.
		[*] New words in emails.
		[*] The formatted date uses the one in Osclass settings.
		[*] When a user gets blocked by an admin, Messenger marks all his messages
			as spams.
		[*] Events and status gets translated in the database
			@see Madhouse_Utils_Models::extendData
		[-] Madhouse_Messenger_Thread does not exist anymore.
			The message are retrieved separately. Improves readability and perf.


1.24 	/ May. 2014
		Heavy performance improvements.
		Ex. Loading the inbox was > 200 queries, but << 60 queries now.

		[+] Uses now UsersManager.
			Greatly improves performance retrieving users.
			@see Madhouse Utils v1.16.
		[*] Limit excessive queries when creating messages.
			Thread objects are passed around to be used when retrieving messages without having to recreate it everytime.


1.23 	/ Apr. 2014
		Fix for HTML encoding of messages.

		[!] Params::getParam() returns encoded text (security).
			Putting its return into database is encoding characters like quotes in database. Madhouse_Messenger_Message handles the case.


1.22	/ Mar. 2014
		Upgrading for using Osclass 3.3+ routes features, new contact feature for admins and security improvements.

		[+] Admin can contact a user through the 'users' page.
		[+] New hooks :
			- mdh_show_inbox
			- mdh_show_thread
			- mdh_thread_created
		[*] Messenger is using routes
			Osclass 3.3 introduced them to manage custom plugin pages and URL rewriting.
		[*] Security checks everywhere !
			- Exception are thrown and handled by controllers.
		[*] Title of pages is set ().
		[!] A spam/blocked item can not be contacted anymore.


1.21 	/ Jan. 2014
		Minor fix for email notifications.

		[!] The settings for 'enable_notifications' was not working.


1.20 	/ Dec. 2013
		First public release.

		[+] New helpers for views (like Osclass).
			Mustache can still be used but Osclass users are accustomed to helpers.
		[+] New default theme (integrated with Bender).
			This is only default and can be customized in the current theme. @see documentation on customization.
		[+] New admin pages:
			- Settings, many settings for the plugin as preferences.
		[*] Status on thread are not mandatory anymore.
			@see settings for status.
		[*] Madhouse_Messenger_Message::getContent() is now
		[!] Fixes for serializable classes (JSON).
		[!] Fixes for pagination.


1.11	/ Dec. 2013
		Handling of deleted users and some minor fixes.

		[*] Handling of deleted users:
			- There's no foreign key between messages and users to be able to keep the messages if someone deletes his account.
			- A mention is added : 'Dead User' and nobody can send anything to a dead user.

		[!] Fixes count of unread messages on front.
		[!] Fix for the 'more' messages feature on front.


1.10	/ Nov. 2013
		Maturity version.

		[+] New administration pages:
			- Dashboard, various stats.
			- Manage Messages, like Manage Items page with search (autocomplete and blocking ability).

		[!] Fixes for PHP 5.3 about closures and $this.


1.01	/ Oct. 2013
		Minor version mainly refactoring.

		[*] Project is refactored to get a structure like Osclass.
			@see Madhouse HelloWorld.


1.00	/ Oct. 2013
		First release.


7 thoughts on “Madhouse Messenger – Documentation

  1. Hi ,

    I have done the same as stated above … But after clicking on the “Messages” link m getting 400 bad request error.

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