Madhouse Messenger v2.0 release - cover

Madhouse Messenger v2.0 is out!

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Back in 2013, Madhouse Messenger was our first plugin for Osclass. Three years and many releases – 19 releases actually – later, Madhouse Messenger v2.0 is out which is both a huge and great news.

Remember that nice world map of the Osclass community overview? Madhouse Messenger is definitely our best seller plugin for Osclass of them all. No wonder, we’re paying time and attention to our cutest baby, now a full-grown plugin.

Unregistered users support

One feature that was cruelly missing was for non-registered users to be able to contact or be contacted with the internal messaging (not email). It is now a thing in Messenger where registered and unregistered users can contact each other.

Head to the Osclass items settings to Only allow registered users to contact publisher or to let everyone contact items.

Attachments in messages

Messenger would not be the stunning personal messaging system if it didn’t allow users to upload files as attachements to their messages. Attachements can be images or any other file type, such as code samples or zip archives or pdf documents.

Madhouse Messenger 2.0 - attachment file upload in Mcfly - screenshot

Screenshot of file upload attachment feature with Mcfly Theme

Screenshot have been taken from Mcfly Theme whose latest release – Mcfly v1.5.0 – is just out the market with unlimited color customization. Be sure to check it out!

Extra efforts has been made on the security to ensure that your website is safe and sound. Be sure to check why Madhouse Messenger is shipped with the safest file upload of all Osclass plugins!

Default contact form support

Madhouse Messenger uses hooks to integrate with the default item contact form and works out-of-the-box with any Osclass theme. Even if integration was simple enough before, it’s even easier now: no code needed, no worries.

More features and improvements

If we didn’t write a blog post for every releases, we keep improving our plugins and themes over the many releases of Messenger:

  • Gmail-like labels system acting as clever directories for your most organized users;
  • Users can block other users, peace and tranquility, administrators receive email notifications too;
  • Conversation title or subject can be set when contacting and updated later on bu users;
  • We all know what its like to be seller on an online shop, tons of messages to deal with, no more worries with the “Mark all as read” feature;
  • New, improved, top-notch administration dashboard with graphs and filters;

Remember, with Madhouse , there’s always more than you would expect.

Best to read the full changelog available on the documentation page of the plugin to get to know everything that changed.


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