Mcfly v1.5.0 is out with endless color customizations

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With Mcfly, get one theme and never ending possibilities of color customization, with new design options, requiring zero coding knowledge. That’s what Mcfly v1.5.0 is about and it is already out on the Osclass Market.

One theme, endless color variants

Mcfly is now the only Osclass theme that gives you endless color variants customization right from within the Design settings, using kick-ass colorpickers. You can customize the whole look and feel of your theme: from the primary and secondary colors down to the colors of the success or error flashmessages.

y customization with endless color variant possibilities

Our theme is built with Sass and Gulp and you can customize it, like explained in the earlier blog post on Madhouse theme customization. The magic behind this new customization feature is Sass compilation in PHP.

Enter the Masonry game!

Getting tired of grid breaking because of various image formats? Then, say welcome to the beautiful never breaking Masonry grid for your Osclass website.

Tumblr style!


Example of a Masonry grid on the search page

Of course, you can disable it in the theme settings.

New kick-ass ‘Alerts’ page

If you ever get lost in all your alerts, Mcfly v1.5.0 puts a stop to that with its new amazing alerts page featuring extended informations about the search parameters.


A new alerts page for Mcfly with extended informations about the related search!

That’s without a doubt the best alerts page in all Osclass theme.

Better Mcfly, period.

Better SEO capabilities, lots of bug fixes, and many more… Don’t forget to check the full changelog on the Mcfly Theme documentation page for more details about this release.



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