Osclass community overview 2016 - cover

Osclass community overview in 2016

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What looks like the Osclass community in 2016? Let’s lay it down on a world map and see which countries love Osclass the most!

Osclass community around the world!

Building a strong community takes time but since its birth, Osclass has made itself a place as the open-source classifieds CMS of choice to build classifieds websites and even marketplace.

We’ve been crossing figures from where people download our plugins and themes from with our website analytics (visitors) to draw a map of where the Osclass community is from, which countries it gets the most interest.

Osclass community overview 2016 - infographics

What are the top 10 countries where the Osclass community is the most represented then? United States are way way ahead when it comes to Osclass: almost 1/4 of Osclass users of our plugins and themes come from the United States.

  1. United States (23.42%)
  2. India (10.30%)
  3. Brazil (10.29%)
  4. France (9.52%)
  5. Italia (7.33%)
  6. United Kingdom (6.50%)
  7. Spain (6.22%)
  8. Australia (5.15%)
  9. Japan (4.24%)
  10. Indonesia (4.17%)

First surprise: Spain is only reaching the seventh position, beaten by United Kingdom by a small advance (6.50% vs 6.22%). Osclass being a spanish classifieds CMS, well born in Spain, it would have been too bad to only make a top 5 countries and not see it appear in this infographics.

Osclass team, if you read us: it seems we will have to put an extra effort translating our plugins and themes for Osclass in Indian, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian then!

15 000+ downloads on the market

Madhouse Osclass Plugins and themes have been downloaded 15000+ times on the market

Today, Madhouse have reached 15 000+ downloads of plugins and themes for Osclass on the market. The most astonishing thing is that we’ve reach this great number in hardly a year and a half since Osclass launched its market. Great, right?

Thank you for supporting our work!


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