New releases of Osclass theme and plugins (July 2016)

Plugins and theme releases of july!

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July has been a busy month here at Madhouse with the release of 3 news versions, 3 new plugins and our first theme for Osclass. Might have we been the busiest little bees in the Osclass community lately? We may well be.

One theme for Osclass: millions of possibilities!

Mcfly is back from the future to be the coolest and flexible Osclass theme.

Mcfly - homepage overview and responsive

Don’t hesitate to check our demo site and the detailed (still in working progress though) documentation to get a grasp of what Mcfly can do.

Latest plugins for Osclass!

We’ve been building some awesome new plugins: two premium plugins and one free plugin. Already available on the Osclass market as we speak.

Madhouse Toolbox is a debug toolbar for Osclass and compiles all of our dev tools as a plugin meant for developers. It’s a free plugin so check it out!

Madhouse SEO is a brand new SEO plugin for Osclass to boost the ranking of your classifieds website in search engines. It works well with Mcfly, of course but also with any other theme for Osclass.

Madhouse Mailchimp is bringing Freddie the monkey to Osclass. Our latest custom attributes plugin adds a subscription to user registration and lets you build your Mailchimp community along with your Osclass user base.

Plugin updates

Lots of updates for our plugins!

On Madhouse Messenger side – since last release post for 1.40.0 – v1.50.3 brings a whole new user blocking feature, new administration pages, Russian support, and lots of various fixes.

Madhouse Facebook v1.60.1 adds Facebook comments for items, support for the noCaptcha reCaptcha plugin, and various improvements.

Madhouse Emailmagick got a new v1.1.0 release that adds multiple templates for emails. Madhouse Availability has also been updated to v1.1.0 with a new search logic.

What’s next for Madhouse?

June was a lot of work, july still is. Stay tuned for new products or new stunning features for our existing theme and plugins.


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