How to create a Facebook App for Osclass


Here’s a small blog post to help you to create a Facebook App. This Facebook app will be used with our plugin Madhouse Facebook and enables your Osclass website to log users with Facebook and more.

First, head to the Facebook App Developers website to create your Facebook App.

Step 1: Type the name of your Facebook App and click on “Create New Facebook App ID”

Osclass Facebook Tutorial 1

Step 2: Select an App category and click on Create App ID

Osclass Facebook Tutorial 2

Step 3: Click on the dropdown menu “My Apps” in the header and select your Facebook App

Step 4: Fill the Madhouse Facebook settings with your App ID and App Secret

Osclass Facebook Tutorial 3

Step 5: Go to the settings page and fill the website section with your Osclass website URL

Congrats, you have now created your first Facebook App.

If you still have some problems please contact us directly from the Osclass Market to have some support:


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