Messenger 1.40 is out

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Our best seller plugin – messenger for Osclass – is up on the osclass market since this morning… and We hear you all say it: “Finally!”. The current release 1.40.0 brings some new features that some of you asked us to do and some small and some bigger fixes.

What’s new in Madhouse Messenger 1.40?

We had a lot of work with all of our Osclass-related projects and unfortunately not enough time to be on all decks. We will try in the future to make more frequently smaller release.

1- New labels and archive (delete) feature

We have added a new AWESOME Gmail-like feature. Yeah now on Madhouse Messenger you can have labels. Many users asked us to add this. Now users can archive (delete thread) and move thread to inbox.

In a future release we will add an UX in the admin and in the front to be able to create labels. But if you are a bit technic, you can add manually a new label to the database by simply filling two tables.

  • oc_t_mmessenger_labels (your label)
  • oc_t_mmessenger_labels_description (the description of the label)

2- Better theme integration

Madhouse Messenger 1.40.0 provides a better default theme based on Bender but also working seamlessly with the free OsclassWizards theme and probably lots of third-party theme.

You can still customize Messenger theme in your own theme though.

3- Two new emails

We have added new emails to be more precise when a user contact somebody.

  • email_mmessenger_reply_user
  • email_mmessenger_contact_user

4- Much much more…

A lot of new helpers are available. One of them is really cool.

The helper called mdh_messenger_message_template() allow you to pre fill the item contact form with the last message sent by a user to start a thread. This avoid copy-and-paste when contacting a bunch of items. It also replaces the name by the name of the current item owner. It’s magic.

You can find them in our documentation.

4- And finally some bug fixes

See all fixes and small tweaks in the changelog in the documentation page.

How to update ?

Hey, thank you that means you’ve purchased Madhouse Messenger and have been using it. You’ll need to update though, but don’t worry… You can’t imagine how hard we’ve been working to make it the more simple as possible !

Backup of your database, first. We have worked hard not to break things but we’re never too careful.

If you bought the plugin from the Osclass Market, you just have to click thebutton in the plugin section of your Osclass admin.

If you bought it from us, before the Market was there – it only has been a year since the Osclass Market went live! – here’s a quick howto.

Step 1- Replace the code

Just replace your existing madhouse_messenger/ folder by the new one you get from the ZIP archive we have sent you by email.

Step 2- Reload the page

Madhouse Messenger will automatically update itself on the first reload of an admin page.

Step 3 – Custom theme & helpers

If you have a custom theme, you might want to update it to access new features from this new release (1.40.0), especially labels. Go to the views/web/inbox.php file to get started with it.

Don’t forget to customize the new email too.


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