New version 1.30 for Messenger

Madhouse Messenger: what’s new ?

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The new version (v1.30) of our personal  messaging plugin for Osclass, Madhouse Messenger, is almost there and this is an enormous jump forward : easier to install, new features, improvements on performance, etc.

What’s new on Messenger ?

First, forget all about Madhouse Utils, it won’t bother you, Madhouse Messenger is a grown-up. Install it, follow the two-helpers integration and that’s it. See, just ‘easier to install‘.

The ‘new features‘ chapter is quite full :

  • Contact people from their public profile: conversations don’t require an item anymore. Start a conversation from either an item or a public profile, that’s up to you !
  • Reminders: send reminder emails – every X days for Y days – to users that might forgot to read their messages using Cron. Customizable via settings.
  • Moderator / Contact through admin: start conversations with your users from the admin users page. Select one, show more options and click Contact.
  • New hooks & filters: want to do more ? Our new hooks and filters should be what you look for.

You said ‘improvements‘ ?

  • Performance: reducing the number of requests from 250 to less than 80 and rewriting some portions of code… What if I told you it’s 60% faster to load ?
  • Routes / Permalinks: using routes is safer and gives you permalinks, and these beautiful URLs can be customizable as well !
  • Better emails: new email words and filters to make them more customizable and the referer is correctly handled to redirect you to Messenger even if you’re not logged in. Just better.
  • Security: filling some holes here and there… Messenger is safer than never !

But that’s not it, minor fixes or improvements are everywhere, including new beautiful design for administration pages, blocking a user will block all his messages as well, bulk actions to block a bunch of messages at once, better pages title, etc.

Read the complete changelog.

Migrate from v1.20 to v1.30

Hey, thank you that means you’ve purchased Madhouse Messenger and have been using it. You’ll need to update though, but don’t worry… You can’t imagine how hard we’ve been working to make it the more simple as possible !

You might want to make a backup of your database. The update doesn’t mess with anything  – add two tables, make some inserts and set some new preferences – but we can’t be too careful, right ?

Step 1 – Replace

Just replace your existing madhouse_messenger/ folder by the new one you get from the ZIP archive we have sent you by email.

Step 2 – Update

Now, go to your administration panel and open the Messenger Dashboard. Do you see that ‘Update Now‘ button ? Click on it and this is what you should get :

New version 1.30 for Messenger

Step 3 – Custom theme & helpers

Some helpers have been deleted, others added, others modified… If you have a custom theme for messenger, you’ll need to make some changes. Here’s some few hints to make the modifications in your own theme, for more details please check the default theme.

  • mdh_count_threads() becomes mdh_threads_count()
  • Item linked to thread is exported, so osclass item helpers works now. Therefore, these helpers don’t exist anymore :
    • mdh_thread_item_title()
    • mdh_thread_item_price()
    • mdh_thread_item_city()
    • mdh_thread_item_category_id()
    • mdh_thread_item_has_thumbnail()
    • mdh_thread_item_thumbnail_url()
    • mdh_thread_item_url()
  • mdh_thread_title() has been modified. Look at the default theme for displaying the title of a thread (ie. comma-separated list of users of the thread).
  • Use mdh_thread_status_title() instead of mdh_thread_status_text()
  • Use mdh_status_title() instead of mdh_status_text()

See you, chimps !


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