Osclass Market is now open !

Osclass Market is now open !

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Kind of a big news that came out on the blog. The Osclass Market is now open to third-party Osclass themes and plugins developers !

The market has been around for quite some time now but only the Osclass team could add plugins, themes or languages. Third-party Osclass developers had to ask to get their creations available in the market.

This is ancient history now.

Start sharing your work !

It will definitely encourage more developers to contribute to Osclass and give them more visibility. A real boost to the Osclass community. The Osclass Market is taken to a whole new level.

Register on the Osclass Market and start share you work. For the moment, it’s only for free plugins and themes but payments are on their way and will soon be available.

Madhouse on the Osclass Market !

Madhouse profile - Osclass Market

You will soon found all our Osclass plugins and upcoming Osclass themes on the Market, as we created our account a few days ago.


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