Toolkit for Osclass plugins – Madhouse Utils

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Developing plugins for Osclass might become easier now, Madhouse Utils, our toolkit for creating Osclass plugins, is out (v1.14) and it’s free.

For the history books, when we started building our website – and therefore the necessary Osclass plugins – we rapidly realize that we were repeating ourselves too much. The idea of a toolkit for Osclass plugins that compiles some useful tools for Osclass came out very quickly. Here comes Madhouse Utils in its first public release !

What’s a toolkit for Osclass Plugins ?

If you ever created some plugins for Osclass, you know that you’re frequently doing the same things :

  • Deal with SQL (import, do some requests);
  • Create and send some emails;
  • Handle some redirections and/or flash messages;
  • Define some preferences as settings for your plugin;
  • etc.

We’re still working on documenting Madhouse Utils, harsh work in progress. For the moment, digging in the source code might be the be solution – since (almost) everything is commented well; that’s how we work at Madhouse !

Dig further into Madhouse Utils !

Looking back, Madhouse Utils might not be the best name we could come up with. Sure, it’s a very descriptive name but not as cool as we could want like Jetpack. 😦

See you chimps !


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