Osclass is a free classifieds script that gives you all you need to create and manage a classifieds website in a blink of an eye. Inspired by WordPress in its design, it is easy to use and flexible and comes with a whole lot of plugins and themes.

Shortly, Osclass is not only a kick-ass classifieds script, it is also an open-source classifieds script. So awesome that it is closer than a classifieds CMS than a simple script.


Started in Spain (Barcelona) in early 2011, it is now one of the most popular solution to build a classified website. Thanks to Daniel Esteban and his fellows and to the many people that contributed to Osclass.

Dig further into Osclass !

Osclass provides a full set of features for creating a classifieds website that you may extend with plugins and customize with themes.

If the default front-end theme is pretty basic. Osclass administration pages are top-notch and offers a lot of settings to make Osclass behave like you need or monitor the daily activities on your classifieds website. When we told you that Osclass is a classifieds CMS.

Everything is covered : listings, users, contacting them… You really get a fully-working classifieds website out of the box.  If that’s not enough, grab some plugins on the market : Facebook Connect, Dating Attributes, Personal Messaging System, etc. If you don’t find what you need on the market, take a look at the forums (very active) or ask us.


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